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  1. You'll  need a password - to get one scroll down to the login section below and click the Forgot Password link beneath the blue box
  2. In the password reset form, enter your email address, complete the maths challenge and press "Request Password Reset"
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1: Redeeming a Gift Certificate?

Proceed as normal and select the membership type that matches your Gift Pack.  At the payment stage, choose the option to Redeem a Gift Membership.

2: Gift Aid (UK taxpayers only)

Increase the value of your membership fee by 25% - help us reclaim payments from the taxman at no cost to you!

Note: You cannot claim Gift Aid if you're redeeming a gift certificate.

3: A Request

A significant number of members add a donation to their membership fee.  If you would like to do this, we've made it a simple a one-click option

4: Pay by Card

You can pay by debit or credit card - Mastercard or Visa are preferred, please, because Amex charge us a lot more.

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5: You're going to get some emails!

The joining process will send a number of emails, depending on how many options you sign up for, such a Gift Aid and Member Interests, and whether you submit any help requests. We send these so you can be sure that your data has been submitted and you have a copy for your records.

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