Gift Membership

  • Introduce someone to the world of family history by buying them a Gift Membership.

  • Know someone who's already a member? Why not treat them to a year's free membership?

  • Not sure if they've already paid for the year? Don't worry, they can use your gift to extend their membership for a further year, and they can do it as soon as they receive your gift - we'll just add a year to their existing renewal date.

How it works

  1. Fill out the form below and pay
  2. We will email you a gift coupon code (this is manual step so please bear with us while we get it to you)
  3. Optionally, download a gift voucher from our confirmation page (or use your own greetings/gift card)
  4. Give the coupon code to your gift recipient
  5. They apply/renew using our standard online application form and enter the coupon code to redeem your gift