Add us to your Safe Senders list

Has our email ended up in your spam folder?
Did it not arrive at all?

Some email providers employ aggressive mail filters to help protect you from malicious mail, and sometimes we get caught up in that. If one our emails arrives in your spam folder you should be able to mark it as "not spam" and this will often mark it as "always to be trusted."

If it doesn't make it at all, add us to your safe senders list to make sure our emails can reach your inbox.

We've listed the help pages of some of the major email providers or third-party help sites so that you can find out how to do it.

Is your email provider blocking our website provider?

*This solution is particularly relevant to Canadian users, for some reason

Your email provider may have blacklisted a range of email addresses that includes the server from which our emails are generated.  This is a blunt instrument which catches the innocent (us) as well as the guilty.

Please contact their support team and ask them to add this IP address to their unblock list

If they want more evidence they can refer to this, which will show them that the IP address concerned is on no blocklist

Free Blocklist Checker Test.


Alternatively, if they can give us the relevant contact details, we could contact them directly.