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You and fellow members provide GEDCOM file copies of your family trees. Then you can

 – Search a bespoke collective resource for people, names, places and more

– Find members that you could work with to tackle research challenges jointly

– Share your research discoveries – with today’s members and tomorrow’s too

–  Pass on your research to a family member when the time is right

The society hosts everything on a secure server — and it’s FREE

What does YourTrees mean for you?

Secure your lifetime's research

Back up your findings our secure server

Work with other members

Team up to achieve new breakthroughs


Create your lasting digital legacy

How to

Log in/Join

- Not a member?
- Membership starts at as little as 5 pence a day

Submit your GEDCOM

Add your tree to the pool


- View other member trees
- Search for names you're researching


A Digital Legacy

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    What’s a Gedcom file?!

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