Recording your family history is a painstaking exercise – there are huge amounts of data that have to be entered manually – and that can lead to errors because we’re only human.

So we’re delighted to announce the introduction of a new YourTrees toolkit- the ability to run data validation reports against your tree to look for invalid or odd-looking dates, missing gender and missing or odd-looking names, to help you clean up your data.  The full list is shown below:

To make use of this new facility, your tree has to be uploaded to YourTrees – a facility that’s available free to members.  Once that’s done you can run the reports directly yourself so that you  can correct the data and resubmit a new GEDCOM.

Use this new facility and your family tree will be more accurate than ever before, and your digital legacy more valuable to your family.

YourTrees Data Validation

For more details of how to use our data validation tools to clean up youir family tree data

Berkshire Family History Society

Berkshire Family History Society