Short talks and quiz

Reading Branch meeting 12th December 2019 Speaker: Members There were two short talks by members, a Berkshire dialect quiz from Vicki and the traditional non-alcoholic mulled wine and mince pie courtesy of Rosemary and Angie. Angie Catt spoke about her great-grandfather John Gibbons (West) born in Bath who enlisted in the 12th Prince of Wales Lancers in 1849 in Reading. At his attestation he was stated as being eighteen and a half, and five feet nine inches tall. He was involved in the 8th Kafir War which was the longest military action in Africa lasting 100 years. It was actually nine wars in the Eastern Cape where Smith was disgraced and dismissed. He survived the sinking of HMS Birkenhead where the first use of the command “Women and Children first” was issued in 1852. His military career took him from battles with the Xhosa in Africa; Crimea 1845, Sevastopol 1855 and his last campaign was in the Indian Mutiny 1857. Retiring after 12…

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