• Baptist Church 1811 - 2008
  • Methodist Church 1870 - 1913
  • Free Churches Burial Ground 1916 - 2009


This CD lists the names of over 1600 people names and holds transcriptions of their monuments and memorials within both churches, the Baptist churchyard and joint Free Churches burial ground. The periods covered are for monuments and memorials relating to:

  • Wokingham Baptist Church 1811-2008
  • Wokingham Methodist Church 1870-1913
  • Wokingham Free Churches 1916-2009.

There are photos of every extant monument and interactive plans allowing plots to be located. Also there is a comprehensive index.


Reading the files

The whole CD is comprehensively indexed and is designed to run on any platform which supports a web browser.

Berkshire Family History Society

Berkshire Family History Society