Reading Branch meeting 28th May 2020, conducted on Zoom

Speaker: Joy Pibworth

Joy outlined the family background of Jane’s life and the places where those people lived. She painted a picture of her parent’s lives and those of her close relatives. They involved places as far away as America, Russia as well as Oxford, Tonbridge and Bristol in the U.K. There were stories of Fishing Fleet (female passage to India to seek marriage) and the scandal of trials for stealing lace which resulted in acquittal. 

One of her ancestors, Sir Thomas White, who was born in Reading in 1492 was a clothier and educated at Reading School, he served an apprenticeship to a wool merchant and went on to found St John ’s Baptists College.

Jane’s father George was raised by his uncle Francis, and her mother Cassandra (nee Leigh) was the daughter of a Rector. They were married in 1764 in Bath and raised eight children including Jane who was the second youngest. Her siblings included Rev. James 1765 – 1819, Rev. Henry 1771-1850, Charles 1779-1852, Cassandra 1773-1845. 

There were stories of tragedy in both Cassandra and Jane’s lives. Jane met a Navy Captain who died in a horse and cart accident on the Isle of Wight and Cassandra was engaged to Tom who died of Yellow Fever in the West Indies.

A thoroughly comprehensive and well researched talk well delivered by Joy.  It was enjoyed by those of us who logged in for the first Reading Branch meeting via zoom.

Picture of Vicki