The historic Royal County of Berkshire, This consists of any place or parish that is or ever has been part of the county regardless of the various boundary changes that have taken place over the centuries. The most significant was in 1974, and the majority of records precede that.



Some of the society's transcriptions can be searched online on FindMyPast. Almost all of the original registers for 'old' Berkshire are held at Berkshire Record Office in Reading, including those for parishes of North Berkshire and the Vale of the White Horse, which became part of Oxfordshire in 1974


Berkshire FHS CDs

The latest editions of county-wide data CDs

Example of a troop photograph from August 1914 at the outbreak of the First World War

Berkshire and the War (2nd Edition)

Images from the 39 parts of Berkshire and the War published by the Reading Standard in 1923. Nearly 12,000 names, over 700 civilian organisations together with many of the Army regiments,

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Berkshire Burials (12th Edition) CD

More than 900,000 transcriptions (not an index) – More than 270 churchyards, cemeteries, burial grounds and workhouses – 71,000 more entries than 11th Edition – Covers ALL of ‘old’ Berkshire – Updates available for ninth, 10th and 11th editions

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Berkshire Marriages (4th Edition) CD

More than 900,000 transcriptions (not an index) – More than 270 churchyards, cemeteries, burial grounds and workhouses – 71,000 more entries than 11th Edition – Covers ALL of ‘old’ Berkshire – Updates available for ninth, 10th and 11th editions

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Berkshire Probate Index

Index to the probate documents of the Archdeaconry of Berkshire. 39,000 probate records are included. It is easy to search or to browse.

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Berkshire War Memorials Edition 2

This updated version has added approx.150 more memorials including many Commonwealth war graves. Of the CD content 56% now has images including all the new memorials and many more of the Edition 1 entries. The disc provides a variety of finding aids. Edition: 2018

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Berkshire FHS Local CDs

List of the latest editions of local data CDs - click on a name in the first column to go to the shop


Parish Registers

Barkham St JamesBaptisms 1538-1986, Marriages 1538-1988 and Burials 1538-1985
Bearwood St CatherineBaptisms 1846-1949; Banns 1851-1980. Marriages 1846-1979 and Burials 1846-1929
Binfield All SaintsTranscriptions and indexes of baptisms 1551-1979, banns 1754-1984, marriages 1538-2009, burials 1538-1957, excommunicants 1676-1696, a burial plot listing based on register content, and a history of the parish with details of other sources for Binfield.
Bradfield, St Andrew, Parish Registers & Tutts Clump BMDsBradfield: Baptisms 1539-1962. Marriages 1559-1989, Burials 1540-1952 and Banns 1799-1980. Methodist Chapel: Baptisms 1873-2002, Marriages 1921-2006 and Burials 1908-2006.
Brimpton St PeterThis CD contains a full transcription of the parish registers, a brief history of the parish and is fiully indexed. The coverage is Baptisms 1607-1982; Banns 1754-1982; Marriages 1607-1981 and Burials 1607-1982
Burghfield St MaryMethodist Chapel: Baptisms 1873-2002, Marriages 1921-2006 and Burials 1908-2006
Clewer St AndrewIncludes Bishops Transcripts (CMB) 1607-1635; Baptisms 1653-1860; Marriages 1674-1837; Banns 1764-1784 and 1803-1814; and Burials 1663-1837. Edition: 1
Combe St Swithun Baptisms 1560-1871, Marriages 1560-1985, Banns 1755-1966, Burials 1560-1871 plus list of inhabitants 1782 & 1788
Compton SS Mary & NicholasBaptisms 1553-1925, Marriages 1553-1963, Banns 1755-1955, Burials 1553-1901
East Ilsley St Mary the VirginBaptisms 1608-2003, Marriages 1608-1978, Burials 1608-1868
East Lockinge All SaintsBaptisms 1546-1897; Marriages 1546-1836, 1862-1866; Banns 1754-1800; Burials 1546-1813, 1862-1866.
Farnborough All SaintsBTs 1607-1738 (not all years), Baptisms 1739-2004, Marriages 1739-2006, Banns 1822-2002 & Burials 1739-2002
Fawley St MaryBaptisms 1540-1987; Banns 1754-1923; Marriages 1545-1984; Burials 1550-1987
Grazeley Holy TrinityBaptisms 1850-1963; Marriages 1850-1987; Banns 1850-1954; Burials 1851-1964.
Kintbury St MaryBaptisms 1558-1953, Banns 1754-1932, Marriages 1557-1981, Burials 1558-1972
Hurst St Nicholas and Winnersh St Mary the VirginHurst Baptisms 1585-2002; Banns 1847-2005; Marriages 1585-2005; Burials 1585-2003; Winnersh Baptisms 1966-2001; Marriages 1967-1999
Little Wittenham St PeterBaptisms 1538-1991; Marriages 1538-1986; Burials 1543-1992 and Banns 1757-18811, 1824-1986
Purley St Mary, Sulham St Nicholas &Tidmarsh St LaurencePurley Baptisms 1607-1985; Marriages 1607-2005; Burials 1607-1985; Sulham Baptisms 1607-1980; Marriages 1607-2001; Burials 1612-1983; Tidmarsh: Baptisms1608-1980; Marriages 1609-1999; Burials 1608-2007.
Reading GreyfriarsBaptisms 1864-1957; Marriages 1866-1965; Banns 1866-2002
Reading, St Giles, Parish Registers (also St Lukes, St Michaels & All Saints and St Agnes) Baptisms 1564-1990, Marriages 1564-1991, Banns 1754-1997, Burials 1564-1895 & Funerals 1955-1990 (Includes baptisms for St Lukes 1878-1912, St Michaels and All Saints 1901-1918 and St Agnes 1904-1918)
Reading St LaurenceBaptisms 1605-2005, Marriages 1605-1963, Burials 1605-1910 and Banns 1654-2000
Reading St LukeBaptisms 1878 - 1956, Marriages 1909-1965 and Banns 1909-1965.
Reading St MaryBaptisms 1813-1954; Banns 1811-1952; Marriages 1813-1954; Burials 1813-1942 and Funerals 1947-1995 (prior to 1813 is available but not published by BerksFHS)
Remenham St NicholasBaptisms 1605-2006; Marriages 1605-2004; Banns 1754-1807; Burials 1605-1909
Sparsholt Holy CrossBaptisms 1558-1944; Marriages 1558-1972; Banns 1754-1791 & 1823-1878; Burials 1558-1865
Speenhamland St MaryBaptisms 1831-1971; Banns 1847-1963; Marriages 1847-1972; Burials 1831-1881 and Funerals 1953-1971
Swallowfield All SaintsBaptisms 1607 - 1928, Marriages 1608 - 1926, Banns 1754 - 1962, Burials 1539 - 1931
Theale Holy TrinityBaptisms 1832-1947. Marriages 1833-1964, Burials 1832-1932, Banns 1924-1968
Tilehurst St MichaelBapts 1559-1946, Marrs 1614-1986, Banns 1823-1991, Burials 1614-1941
Wargrave St MaryBaptisms 1538-2003, banns 1755-1995, marriages 1539-2008 and burials 1538-2007
West Ilsley All SaintsBaptisms 1558-1870, Marriages 1558-1839, Banns 1809-1899, Burials 1558-1967

Local Monumental Inscriptions

Aldermaston St MaryGravestone and other inscriptions from Aldermaston, St Mary the Virgin 1533-2002
Ascot Heath All Saints 1867-2009 & Priory Rd 1901-2007This CD includes transcriptions and PHOTOGRAPHS of the extant memorials. An introduction to the church, its burial ground and the Priory Road extension is given. A master name index is included. Plans of the churchyard and Burial Ground are given.
Burghfield St Mary the VirginCoverage is from the church 1327-2016 and from the churchyard 1735- 2016. Lists the names of almost 1,700 persons with transcriptions of their monuments and memorials, and photographs of every extant monument with plans showing the locations of the plots.
Caversham St PeterThe inscriptions on this CD range from 1664 to 2003.
Crowthorne St John 1863-2011 inc burials at Broadmoor HospitalTranscriptions of all extant memorials, including many colour photographs; an interactive plan; an introduction to the church; and details of memorials in the churchyard and with additional memorials to some burials in the grounds of Broadmoor Hospital.
Drayton St Peter 1451-2015The names of almost 1,400 people and transcriptions of their monuments and memorials within the church, in the churchyard and in the nearby Municipal Cemetery are given. Photographs of graves and gravestones were taken during the transcripton are included
Knowl Hill St Peter 1842-2002Gravestone and other inscriptions from Knowl Hill, St Peter
Reading London Rd Cemetery Reissue on CD of transcriptions of the extant memorial inscriptions and maps of London Road Cemetery. The gravestones and other memorials in the cemetery record approximately 14,500 people from 1843 onwards, and this CD holds transcriptions of their monuments and memorials.
Sulhamstead Abbots St Mary, Sulhamstead Bannister St Michael and Ufton Nervet St PeterIncludes transcriptions and photographs of the monuments and memorials within both the churches and in all three churchyards: Sulhamstead Abbots, St Mary 1731-2013; Sulhamstead Bannister, St Michael 1736-2011; Ufton Nervet, St Peter, 1560-2011.
Shaw-cum-Donnington St Mary 1686-2011 This new CD includes transcriptions of all the extant monumental inscriptions and a name index. A note of the history of the church is given. Plans and general photographs of the burial ground are included.
Wokingham All Saints 1520-2006 inc Norreys Ave extensionThis CD includes transcriptions of all the extant monumental inscriptions together with PHOTOGRAPHS. The history of the church and its burial ground (including the Norreys Avenue extension) is given. Plans of the burial ground are included.
Wokingham Free Churches 1921-2009This CD includes transcriptions and PHOTOGRAPHS of the extant monuments. An introduction to the church and its burial ground is given. A master name index is included with links to the photographs.
Wokingham St Paul 1864-2012Lists the names of almost 2,600 people , and holds transcriptionsof their monuments and memorials within the church and in the churchyard.
Wokingham Without version 2, St Sebastian 1866-2014, Borough Council Cemetery 1958 - 2016This CD lists the names of almost 2,200 people, and holds transcriptions and photographs of their monuments and memorials with the church, the churchyard and the adjacent Wokingham Borough Council cemetery.

Berkshire Monumental Inscriptions

Berkshire Monumental Inscriptions Collection - Volume 1
Reissue on CD of transcriptions of the extant memorial inscriptions and maps of the burial grounds of the churchyards of Aldworth, Ashampstead, Lower Basildon, Midgham Park, Reading St Laurence, Remenham, Shippon, and Woolhampton
Berkshire Monumental Inscriptions Collection - Volume 2Reissue on CD of transcriptions of the extant memorial inscriptions and maps of the burial grounds of the churchyards of Beech Hill, Caversham Victoria Road/Hemdean Road, Eddington, Goosey, Lyford, Midgham, Mortimer Baptist, Newbury St Nicholas, Newbury URC and Oare.
Berkshire Monumental Inscriptions Collection - Volume 3Provides data of over 4,500 people from several churchyards previously available only on fiche: Avington; Enborne; Grazeley (new); Grove; Hungerford St Lawrence; Reading Baptist burial ground; Shurlock Row All Saints (new); Theale and Winterbourne.

Other CDs

Joseph Toomer's census of Newbury 1815 Full transcript and index plus brief history of the "House of Toomer"
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