Rosalind Franklin – The Life and Work of this great experimental scientist.

Rosalind Franklin is a key figure in the greatest discovery in life science in the 20th Century – the discovery of the structure of DNA.  

This discovery shaped modern biology in a profound way, creating whole new fields of research and understanding.

This talk will discuss the life and work of this great experimental scientist, the lesser known projects she worked on, and her place in scientific history.

Franklin’s name is now lent to multiple awards, organisations and institutes, one of which sits on the Harwell Campus in South Oxfordshire.  

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Photograph: Rosalind Franklin ©National Portrait Gallery London


Mon 15 Jan


Doors open at 7.15pm
19:30 - 21:30


Abingdon Branch
Abingdon Branch
Long Furlong Community Centre, Boulter Drive, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 1XP


Abingdon Branch - Berkshire FHS


  • Laura Holland
    Laura Holland
    Director of Stategic Planning - Rosalind Franklin Institute, Harwell

    Director of Strategic Marketing at the Rosalind Franklin Institute. Prior to this was Engagement Manager at Diamond Light Source for eleven years.
    Holds a BSc in Cell Biology from the University of Durham and also holds a Research Masters in Medical and Molecular Bioscience from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and a PGDip in Science Communication from the University of the West of England.