Caversham Chalk Mines Visit

Chalk mining, dating back to the 1600s, has left a vast cavern system under the 89th Reading Scout grounds. Chalk was a vital ingredient needed to make bricks – one of the industries for which Reading was famed. Since mining ceased, the empty mines have been re-used on occasion. For example, as a location to store valuable archive documents during the Second World War. Also, as a secret meeting location for volunteer defense volunteers, again during the Second World War. 

Explore the mine complex and learn of its uses through time in this visit led by qualified and knowledgeable volunteers of the 89th Reading Scouts. This is a rare opportunity to take part in an exceptional event. The ticket price includes a substantial donation to the 89th Scouts. Numbers are limited.

For your safety

Entry and exit is by a belay system by climbing the ladder inside the mine shaft. The shaft is 70 feet/21 metres deep (the height of 5 double deckers). 

Those wishing to book MUST be confident of their ability to descend and ascend the ladder, if in doubt, please email BEFORE booking.  

The meeting location will be advised in the week leading up to the visit. 

Pre-booking is required. Ticket sales end three days before the visit. 

To book scroll down.

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Tue 05 Mar


19:00 - 21:00




Caversham Chalk Mines
Caversham Chalk Mines
Caversham, Berkshire - exact location will be confirmed beforehand


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