First ever Online Heritage Fair for Berkshire!

Saturday 6th Aug 2022 saw the first ever online Berkshire Heritage Fair, organised by Berkshire Family History Society and Berkshire Local History Association

  • Online, so location was no barrier to being able to attend
  • Session timings were pitched to allow as many people as possible from across the world to join in, and they did with particpants from the US, Canada and Australia.
  • The event used Zoom breakout rooms, and each participating heritage organisation had their own room
  • It was free and people attended one or both sessions.

Over 200 attendees on the day!

What were the benefits of attending?

Those with an interest in historic Berkshire or some particular location within it found this beneficial. They were able ro

  • Connect with local experts about locations, businesses, industries or families of interest.
    • Some of these organisations had their own archives available and were able to give advice about their archive and how you can access it.
    • They shared general or specific information and images pointed people to new sources they were previously unaware of.
  • Attendees shared information on their own family or heritage research with the particpating organisations.
  • Attendees were able gain advice and guidance on Berkshire-specific resources and sources.
  • They were able to get help with their own family history research - from getting started to breaking down brick walls.
  • They were able to build lasting connections with new contacts beyond this event.

Participating organisations

What visitors said

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To all who organised the Fair today:- Thank you so much for all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears that went into today's Fair. It was absolutely brilliant, I learned all sorts of things!
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What a great day yesterday and many thanks to you and everyone who helped organise the Heritage Day.
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Many thanks to you and the others for organising this afternoon. I have so many leads to follow up now!
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Thank you so much for today, after talking to a few stalls, who were all very helpful, I have just found out the life of my ancestry
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Thank you so much for all your help! You have solved half of my questions in one sitting!
Rosalind (overseas visitor)
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Thank you very much for offering to take a look at the will. I was really inspired after help in the Wills Room and tackled the daunting task of transcribing it. It all worked out extremely well. I hope everybody at Berkshire FHS fully realises what a success it was and how grateful people were/are!
Tina (overseas visitor)
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Thank you to the Berkshire Family History Society and all those involved with the Berkshire Heritage Fair. A wonderful event, especially being delivered via Zoom, enabling distant members like me to participate.