SmartSearch the 1939 Register

The Genealogist has provided some new and valuable search options for the 1939 Register. Using the combination of its unique and powerful search tools and SmartSearch technology, you now have now flexible options when searching for your ancestors in this important resource.Learn more at can now find your ancestors in this ‘1939 census’ by using keywords (eg occupation or date of birth), by using an address, or even by forename.Once you've found a family record in the Register, click on the street name to see the neighbours on that street, and perhaps find other relatives living nearby.By using The Genealogists’s SmartSearch facility, you can jump straight to an ancestor’s birth, marriage of death record too.Two further reminders. The 1939 Register lists people with their full dates of birth (so often better than an age in a census record or a GRO index reference). Do't forget, with The Centre for Heritage and Family History closed at present, The Genealogist remains accessible to members…

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British Newspaper Archive – more Berkshire content

By mid-April there are over 42 million digitised pages in the British Newspaper Archive And besides titles from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, there is a growing collection of publications from Southern Ireland too.Additions this month include the Reading Standard (nearly 50,000 pages from 1891-95 and 1897-1961) and the Oxford Chronicle and Reading Gazette (for 1898).From the pages of the Aberdare Times to the 120 issues of the Young Woman, many of your ancestors featured in the press during their lives and can be found somewhere within this collection of digitised newspapers and magazines. Go to the site and search the newspapers

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