The Edwardians – talk by Tony King

Reported by Christopher Singleton The Edwardian Era, sometimes referred to as the Golden Era, spanned the years from the death of Queen Victoria in 1901 to the outbreak of the First World War in 1914.  Tony King’s talk provided a framework to this period, from early Victorian times to 1918, with a wealth of images, film and sound. Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and Prince Edward, born in 1841 and later King Edward VII, were guests of Napoleon in Paris.  Edward, who had a constrained existence in Windsor, was enthralled by Paris and wanted to stay.  However, he did travel to Canada, USA Edinburgh, Oxford and Cambridge.  Whilst attending Cambridge in 1861, an affair involved the intervention of Prince Albert.  Albert contracted a fever from this visit from which he died and for which Victoria never forgave Edward. Edward, whose London home was Marlborough House, became known as the “Prince of Pleasure” with his country house parties, shooting and fishing.  He was keen on…

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Open Evening – Discoveries

Report on Presentations by Members by Bryan Pledger The story my sister told me by Peter Beaven Peter started with “Once upon a time” and said “when my cousins came to see us they used to talk about Budleigh Salterton.  His sister had a story about this family that a mother and daughter travelled by coach and stayed overnight.  The young lady was in a four poster bed and during the night she left the room and then came back but in the morning found there was a man in her bed so they had to get married. He discovered the birth of Mary Strickland on the LDS Family Search web site which stated she was born in Buddleigh Salterton but baptised in St Michael Paternoster Royal London.  Actually she was registered at the Methodist Register Office in Paternoster Row, near St Paul's. In the memoirs of Charles Gardner it talks about the marriage of Grace Lea who stopped the night at Salisbury and…

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