Welcome to the renewal process

Thank you for renewing and continuing to enjoy the benefits of your membership.

We've made the process as simple as we can but there's a bunch of legal stuff we have to ask you to repeat - data privacy - contact details - contact permissions - payment card approvals and so on.

Fortunately, you only have to do this once a year!

1: Log in

To renew, you need to be logged in. Your login status is shown below. If you need to log in, please use the Log In option on the main menu above .

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2: A Request

Each year, a significant number of members add a donation to their membership fee.  If you would like to do this, we've made it a simple a one-click option in the price table below

3. About Payment

You can pay by debit or credit card - Mastercard or Visa are preferred.

Please avoid Amex if you can - it costs us a lot more in charges

You can also renew by redeeming a gift certificate

Please note: Standing Orders are no longer accepted

More info about payment methods

Making Payment

There are three ways to pay

1: By Card

Payment by card is by far our preferred method because it is quickest and easiest - your renewal is processed immediately and automatically with no need for human intervention. Please pay by card wherever possible to ensure that your access to member-only content is uninterrupted.

Card payment is completely secure. Your card details are entered directly on our payment processor's site, by you - we do not have access to any of your card details

2: By Cheque

Cheques require a lot of manual processing and a volunteer has to make a trip to the bank to pay them in which isn't good for the environment. Please only pay by cheque if you cannot pay by card.

To pay by cheque you will need to:

  • download and print the renewal form
  • complete it
  • send the form and cheque to our Membership Secretary at the address on the form
Please be careful to follow the instructions on the renewal form and remember to sign your cheque!
Cheques must be issued from a UK bank account.

3: In Person

When the Centre is open you can pay in person by card, cheque or cash.


If you have a standing order in place, please instruct your bank to cancel it. We cannot do this for you - your bank will not accept instructions from us.

Any payment received by standing order will be treated as a donation to the society and will not confer any membership rights.

4: Gift Aid (UK taxpayers only)

Increase the value of your membership fee by 25% - help us reclaim payments from the taxman at no cost to you!

Note: You cannot claim Gift Aid if you're redeeming a gift certificate.

5: Payment

Select a membership type to begin the payment process