Baby gravestone

Where are they buried?

Death indexes and certificates help you to locate where someone died, but not where they were buried. How do you go about finding where your ancestor was buried or otherwise commemorated? 

Gravestones and other memorials cost money and the family often considers the wording carefully and the information may be more reliable than what appears on a death certificate. Nearby memorials may provide context.

How should you clean and record gravestones? Helpful tips for photographing gravestones. How can burial grounds be mapped and recorded? How helpful are the DeceasedOnline, BillionGraves and FindAGrave websites.

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15 Jun 2022


19:15 for a 19:30 start
19:15 - 21:30


Woodley Branch Webinar


Woodley Branch Webinar
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  • Chad Hanna
    Chad Hanna

    Chad is a highly experienced family historian, having been in and out of Record Offices since the 1970s. He has honed his understanding of family history at conferences in both the UK and the USA. Chad has a one-name study of his mother’s Failes family who arrived in England as the Fenlands were being drained in the late 17th century. He has also made some headway with his father’s Irish ancestry.

    Chad has a particular interest in both probate and electoral records, and also has a deep understanding of records produced by family history societies, having worked professionally for the Federation of Family History Societies for eight years using his skills as a computer professional. He holds a BSc(Eng) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College and a City and Guilds Certificate in High Education teaching.

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