Creating an enduring family tree in YourTrees

Ever wished that your grand or great grandparents had kept a family history?  How many of our grand and great grandchildren might feel the same about us in the future? How durable and easily interpreted is your current family archive? Will it stand the test of time, or ultimately end up in a cardboard box in the attic?

YourTrees was launched by the society in 2021 as a free member-only service to:

  • Provide a facility for members to preserve their research and pass it on to a family member
  • Allow members to easily share their research discoveries – now and in the future
  • Allow members to tackle research challenges together
  • Grow a bespoke collective resource for people, names, places and more

This workshop has been developed to help you create a comprehensive enduring family tree, that is relevant to the digital generations, so that you can store a copy on YourTrees. It is  aimed at those who have already saved versions of their tree(s) on YourTrees and those that are thinking of doing so, or wondering whether they should. 

It is a member exclusive Zoom workshop and FREE.

If you would like to attend, but can’t make this date – there’s another session on 26 November click here

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Thu 14 Jul


19:00 - 21:00


Zoom Video Conference


The Centre - Berkshire FHS


  • Paul Barrett
    Paul Barrett
    Berkshire FHS Webmaster

    Paul is a retired software product manager, with forty years experience in the high tech sector.

    He’s been involved in family history for twenty-five years and five years ago set up his own family history website. In 2019 he became the Berkshire FHS webmaster. Running his own site also gave him an insight into the necessity for not only capturing our ancestors’ stories but also being highly disciplined about recording the facts behind them.

    While his ancestors have roots in the agricultural villages of what was north Berkshire (now part of Oxfordshire) and Wiltshire, and his wife’s from west Surrey and Nottingham, they now live in Northumberland, a few miles south of Hadrian’s Wall.