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Summary of CDs available from the Shop, and other research resources:




Berkshire Baptisms CD:



Berkshire Marriages CD:



Berkshire Burials CD:

no burial ground  


Berkshire Parish Registers CD:



Berkshire Monumental Inscriptions CD:



Berkshire Probate CD:



Berkshire Overseers’ Papers CD Entries:



Eureka Publication:



Located within:

Reading Union  


Additional notes:

Methodist Chapels in Reading include: Cumberland Road Methodist Chapel, Elm Park Hall Methodist Chapel, London Street Primitive Methodist Chapel, Oxford Road Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Oxford Road Primitive Methodist Chapel, Queen’s Road Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Springs Gardens Methodist Chapel, West Reading Methodist Chapel (Beecham Road), Whitley Hall Wesleyan Methodist Chapel and Wokingham Road Primitive Methodist Chapel.  
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