Family History Discoveries During Lockdown

TRACING, A BOOK, NO VACANCIES AND A DOT by Bryan Pledger His granddaughter is studying at a local College and each student had to work out how to overcome the problems of working without the College equipment.  The project title was TRACING and his granddaughter decided to continue with her idea of family history tracing and actually making a 3D Family Tree.  Granddad was asked for help in sourcing family photographs (the older the better!!) and interesting stories about her ancestors.  It soon became apparent that he had a problem as the boxes of pictures, documents, and Family Tree Maker information was not something easily passed on.  Using “Individual Records” from FTM, by adding pictures etc and researching events detailed he was able to write the Life and Times of over 30 ascendants.  He tried to bring to life each of them and e-mailed them to give the basic information to use.  He discussed the Life and Times of Phillip Pledger 1710 whose…

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